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Your Go-To Resource for Washington
 Small Business Recovery Assistance

Small businesses are the backbone of Washington’s economy and many have been devastated during the pandemic. Many have closed, others are barely hanging on. Small businesses owned by people of color have been particularly impacted.

Congress has passed several aid packages and the State of Washington has provided relief, along with many local communities. But resources can be difficult to find, and the applications can be challenging to navigate.
On this website you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, information on how to find individual technical assistance, how to find a lender, training opportunities and where to find more detailed program information.

Our goal is to help as many Washington small businesses and non-profits as possible access the help they need. 

Tel: 123.456.7890


There are many options available to help Washington state employers impacted by COVID-19. 


There are many organizations standing by to support you at no cost. Find your resource.


There are many financial institutions accepting new clients. Find one near you.


Events & Training

Interested in learning more? There are many helpful webinars and virtual events planned to help you along the way. Check the calendar often for updates.

Please email if you have an event you want added to the calendar.

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